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AR Management Services of Macon, LLC provides outstanding Financial Practice Billing Management, including insurance claim filing and follow-up, payment posting, patient billing and collections, for healthcare offices across the Southeast and the United States. We can handle all of your medical billing needs all the way through the process until the most difficult healthcare claim has been adjudicated. Our staff works hard to ensure that every penny owed to your practice is collected in the most expeditious manner. Most insurance payments are received within seven to ten days, and can be directly deposited into your bank account. To speak directly with a medical billing specialist, give us a call today at (800) 789-5761.

Many healthcare providers truly believe that a large A/R is "Security." However, in reality, it's just money left on the table. The most effective use of your money is having it in your bank account, not building up your accounts receivable due to unworked claims. If your office or medical billing company is currently writing off claims as uncollectable, you need to speak with a representative at AR Management Services of Macon, LLC.      With AR M, the great majority of payment for your claims will be deposited in your bank account less than 30 days from the time the medical services are provided.

AR Management Svc Will Fight to Get Your Medical Claims Paid

When you select AR Management for your medical billing services, you can feel confident that collecting your hard earned money is our number one priority. We handle all claims with your best interest in mind, after all, we don't get paid unless you do. Rather than just "write off" problematic healthcare claims, our staff follows strict guidelines and utilizes the latest technologies to ensure all payable claims, are paid. Don't leave your practice's money on the table just because your staff doesn't have the time to "fight the good fight" with healthcare insurance companies. AR M has the time and experience that it takes to get your medical claims paid.

As a healthcare provider or medical office manager, it can be frustrating to provide medical services and not get paid properly. If this is happening to your practice, you need to contact AR Management to find out why we strive to be the best medical billing company in Georgia. We understand the process begins with patient scheduling and ends with depositing collections in your bank account. Let us show you how our hard work, knowledge, experience can minimize your accounts receivable and optimize your bank account.

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